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Some Observations on Roman Chariot Racing © Peter Donnelly

Revised January 30, 2018 I welcome comments. Please mail peter at this domain. Contents Introduction The chariots The sparsores The riders Tools on the track Charioteers and the law The Reds and the Whites The capacity of the Circus Maximus Claques in the circus? Appendix: Sidonius’s account of a race Notes Introduction Despite the prominence of […]

The Sorcerer’s Cave and Its Sequel by Terence Peter Donnelly

[This article originally appeared in the Autumn 1980 issue of the late lamented Games & Puzzles magazine. I have edited it slightly.] “I want to show you a new game,” said my friend from a far-off city, as he pulled a rucksack from his shoulders. Out of the sack came stacks of computer print-outs, graph paper, oddly-shaped […]

What Happened at Adrianople?

Contents Introduction The Geographical Setting The Nature of Combat How Many Fought? Locating the Battleground The Raid The Next Three Days The Morning of August 9th The Negotiations The Battle What Determined the Outcome? The Text of Ammianus Conclusions Open Question Appendix: The Text of Orosius References Notes Introduction The battle fought near Adrianople in […]