Book Your Travel Theme – Online Booking WordPress Theme

Book Your Travel Theme - Online Booking WordPress Theme

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Book Your Travel is a popular WordPress theme that is known for an online booking and reservation system for accommodations, tours, cruises, rent a car and even travel agencies. This theme is known for its advancements and being one of the best themes in the tourism niche.

This theme has pioneered ideas and improvements of other themes since no buyer has been left out in vouching for it! Everyone is fully satisfied and happy. This is evident from the reviews that are left by the customers.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the ins and outs of this theme. You only need to keep reading to find more. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this article.

I. Where Book Your Travel Theme Fits?

Are you wondering if Book Your Travel perfectly fits your intended use? You don’t have to be worried because you can confirm that now. Well, this responsive WordPress theme is specifically designed and developed for use in:

  • Travel agency
  • Tour operator
  • Cruise operator
  • Rent a car companies

II. Reasons why you need to Download Book Your Travel Theme

There are several pillar reasons why you need to download this theme now and start using it. This theme has very much advancement that is lacking in other several themes. Some of these reasons are not limited to:

  • Translated into any language
  • Accurate availability checker
  • Advanced search filtering
  • Marketplace
  • User review system

Book Your Travel Theme - Online Booking WordPress Theme

Live Preview More Details

Translated into any language

Do you know that Book Your Travel theme lets your website users choose their preferred language? This is really cool! Your website users will love this feature because not everyone understands English or any other common language in a clear way. This will enable your website users to easily understand the content without confusion and need for any clarification.

Accurate availability checker

Forget about multiple bookings in areas such as car rental. This feature provides a very accurate availability checker that keeps your website users updated and to avoid any inconveniences that might be caused by double booking or even wrong results from the availability checker.

Advance Search Filtering

You don’t have to let your website users tire going through a list of several cars or even rooms and hotels. You can make that easier for them by letting them use the advance search filtering feature that is available in the Book Your Travel theme. This will also save much of their time and even deliver to them items of their taste. You can only do that by choosing this theme today.


Well, are you a vendor and you are thinking of a theme that can help you in your listings, availability, rates and even bookings? Look no more! Book Your Travel theme provides a marketplace where you can submit and manage your listings, availability, rates and even bookings. You only need to choose this theme.

User Review System

You will also be able to allow your website users leave their reviews and ratings on how they find your website and even how they were treated. Remember good reviews invite tons and tons of customers while also negative reviews make few customers prefer your services.

What else is in stock for you?

Book Your Travel Theme - Online Booking WordPress Theme

Live Preview More Details

III. Mouth-watering Features present in Book Your Travel Theme

Book Your Travel theme boasts of several unique and better features that you’ll never find elsewhere! Some of these features have kept some customers not stopping to talk about this particular theme. These features include:

  • Room booking: this is for hotels, inns and guest houses.
  • Single property bookings such as villas, apartments, chalets and houses
  • Tour booking: tours, trips, vacations and even expeditions
  • Rent a car booking: this includes pick up and drop off locations
  • Cruise booking: complete cruise cabins
  • Deposits or partial payments
  • Multi – Currency ready
  • Seasonal pricing

There are many great reasons why you need to buy this theme and use it for your website. Some of the reasons that we haven’t discussed yet are so important include:

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Amazing customer feedback
  • 24+ Demo websites

Multiple payment gateways

This theme has a feature that enables you to make your customers or website users use their most preferred way whenever they want to pay for any service. This feature will make many visitors become potential customers because they can pay in any way they want. This goes hand in hand with the multi – currency feature that allows users to pay using their currencies. All these features are made available in Book Your Travel theme.

Amazing Customer Feedback

You will have a feeling that this theme must be so cool when you check out its customer reviews that are made available. With these many positive reviews, you don’t have to doubt anything.

24+ Demo Websites

With many themes having one or two demo websites to choose from, here you will have more than 24 demo websites to choose from! This is so nice because you are more likely to find one that perfectly suits you.

IV. Conclusion

There’s nothing more to talk about this theme! This theme is worth it and you ought to have downloaded it long ago! Good luck!

Book Your Travel Theme - Online Booking WordPress Theme

Live Preview More Details

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