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The following e-books, available for free download, have been carefully prepared from texts that are in the public domain worldwide (or, as noted, in Canada, where this site is hosted). With the exception of Rolfe's Ammianus, they contain all the original footnotes, reciprocally linked. Any classical Greek cited is correctly rendered where the device font supports the polytonic characters.

Some of the .epub conversions were hastily done, and may not appear quite right in some readers; for example, links to footnotes may not be supported.

If you have reading software that supports the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), you can add the network catalog by inserting “” in the appropriate dialog. You can then download the .epub files directly to your library. For Android, I find that some of the apps that claim to support OPDS don’t play well with the catalog generated by Calibre2opds. One that does work, and which also handles linked footnotes properly, is FBReader.

The easiest way to add a .mobi file to your Kindle library is to e-mail it to your Kindle address. This will make it available on all your devices that have the Kindle software installed.